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Vehicle Finance in Brisbane

There are a number of ways to finance the purchase of a motor vehicle, depending on your intended method of use. The finance of a motor vehicle will fall under the category of either business/commercial or consumer.

To qualify for a commercial loan, the motor vehicle is required to be used predominantly for work purposes/business use. If you are receiving a car allowance or if your employer can provide you a letter to confirm the requirement to use your personal vehicle for work purposes, then you should qualify for a commercial facility.

We work with the advice of your Accountants regarding the best facility for this finance.  

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Commercial Equipment Finance in Brisbane

Wealth Connect Finance has helped many commercial clients grow and improve their businesses, by tailoring their commercial equipment requirements to their exact business requirements. No matter the type of commercial equipment your business requires, we can find the best financing solution for your financial situation.

Some types of equipment that can be financed;

  • Computer equipment (hardware & software)
  • POS systems
  • Trucks and trailers
  • Lathes (engineering equipment)
  • Yellow goods (Earthmoving equipment)

We can also assist with the more specialised equipment;

  • Hair salons
  • Catering (bars and restaurants)
  • Fitness
  • Security systems & Telecommunications
  • Medical & Veterinary